New Paradigm in Earthquaker Engineering of Bridges-Resilient, Fast, Recyclable

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Accelerated bridge construction (ABC) has generated extensive interest in recent years due to its many advantages.  ABC provides the opportunity for advanced and low-damage materials to be incorporated into bridge construction to provide superior seismic performance, reliable and resilient connections, and bridge columns with reduced damage compared to conventional reinforced concrete bridges.  The technique can be further expanded to develop deconstructible bridge components (Design for Deconstruction, DfD) that are suited for ABC, yet can be disassembled.  Advanced materials such as engineered cementitious composite (ECC), glass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP and CFRP) jackets, shape memory alloy (SMA), and elastomeric rubber pads were studied to determine their feasibility for use in ABC while improving the seismic performance.  The paper presents key results that demonstrated the potential of these materials and construction methods for use in earthquake-resistant, sustainable bridges that exhibit not only satisfactory seismic response, but also improved post-earthquake serviceability and durability of bridges. 

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